How to Make a Stylish Summer Pom Pom Anklet – Easy Boho Foot Bracelet Tutorial


Hi guys! Summer is here! At this video tutorial we are making Stylish Boho DIY Pom Pom Anklets for the season. It is very easy and simple to make and you can wear them barefoot at the beach or with sandals and high heels. They are super cute, either on one foot or to both of your feet. Try them out. What’s even better is that this DIY project is very inexpensive to make! Let’s go make it!

You Will Need:

40 cm of Pom Pom Fringe – size of pom pom 5mm. You can find it in fabric stores or bead stores

60 cm Nylon Cord – 1mm Diameter




Click on the Video Tutorial link here for simple step by step instructions on how to make the Stylish Pom Pom Anklet

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