Make a Simple and Delicious Strawberry Syrup – Easy Cooking Recipe – Free Printable Labels

Hi guys! As we are at the peak of Strawberry season,  at this video you can watch how to make a very simple and delicious Strawberry Syrup Recipe with only three ingredients to capture the heavenly taste of Strawberries and keep it all year round! The Strawberry Syrup can be used to make Strawberry Cocktails, Strawberry Champagne, Strawberry Soda, Strawberry Milk Shakes, Strawberry Smoothies, or you can use it to drizzle on top of ice creams, Greek Yogurt, Pancakes, Cheesecakes, Waffles, Cakes, Panna Cotta even as a Salad Dressing. Just think of the possibilities you have with this syrup!


500gr Fresh Sliced Strawberries

200gr Granulated Sugar

200ml Water

If you are being cautious about your sugar intake, you can use sugar substitutes in place of sugar. You will just need to adjust to your personal taste and based on the substitute of your choice. The Strawberry Syrup lasts for a week in the refrigerator and you can also put it in freezer friendly containers and enjoy the strawberry syrup all year round.

You can download the Free Strawberry Syrup Jar Label and printed out in a self-adhesive sticky paper. I have used a self-adhesive Kraft paper for this print out but white sticky paper also looks great! If you are looking for sticky Kraft Paper you can find it on eBay. Search for “A4 Kraft Self Adhesive Label Sticker Printer Paper For InkJet Laser printer”.

Click here for the Label:

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