(n.) Aura


Aura, the daughter of a Titan and a mortal, personifies the refreshing breeze. Like the wind she was, she flew lightly, gliding through the air, becoming lost and returning again, offering her coolness to nature. Dionysus fell in love with her and attempted to catch her by running, but the lighter Aura escaped him. Dionysus then turned for help to the goddess Aphrodite, who caused Aura to lose her mind and so surrender to him. Twins were born from their union, but in her madness Aura tore them to pieces before she herself fell into the River Sangarius (Sakarya). Her lighthearted nature, unexpected appearances and disappearances, and her tragic myth have also associated her with the souls of the dead, who appear and then are lost again like a breeze.

texts: Zoe Bili, Vasiliki Stamatopoulou.

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