Mediterranean Diet

When people try to lose weight, they often say they’re going on a diet – a word that derives from the Greek work diaita, meaning “way of life”. However, those in ancient Greece didn’t say they were going on a diet to lose weight. Rather, they would diet to better their health and eat better.

One of the reasons people are so interested in the Mediterranean Diet is that it’s proven itself to increase longevity and better one’s health. The diet’s goal is to let food be the body’s medicine and let medicine be food as Hippocrates wisely said.

Are you ready to live a healthier lifestyle?

1 – Cook Using Only Wholesome, Nutritious Ingredients

What kind of food qualifies as wholesome and nutritious? This usually means foods that are in season, free of chemicals, GMOs and pesticides, and are certified organic. Steer clear of processed foods, going for quality not quantity. You should also be mindful of foods that are labeled “fat free”, “low fat” or “lite”. These foods are typically filled with chemicals and sugar.

2 – Consume Probiotics

Foods that have probiotics are something you really need to add to your diet. Why is that? Probiotics promote good gut-health, which the Greeks determined were necessary “for life”. According to Hippocrates, all disease originates from the gut. Some readily-available probiotic foods include fermented vegetables and Greek yogurt.

3 – Consume High Vibrational and Colorful Foods

The human body comprises of energy, and its fuel source is food, air and water. These things are necessary in the promotion of good health and sustenance. Look for high energy foods that ensure you connect with a higher source and consciousness. These types of foods include:

• Fresh fruits
• Fresh vegetables
• Nuts and seeds
• Legumes
• Herbal tea
• Herbs and spices

You want to take it easy on low vibrational foods like alcohol, coffee, animal protein, white flour and sugar.

4 – Don’t Rush the Eating Process

Today’s world is always on the move. And, the worst thing people can do is eat on the run. For good health, it’s necessary to eat calmly and in peace. Chew your food correctly and slowly. Scarfing down your food blocks the energy flow and harmony that’s important during mealtime.

When you slow down and actually eat your food, you’re more aware of how much food you consume and how it makes you feel.

5 – Do Some Exercise

Along with eating better, your body needs to get some exercise. This doesn’t mean a lot of exercise, but just enough to ensure the body feels nourished. Add 30 minutes of exercise into your life each day to better your body’s health and vitality.

6 – Agapi Is Considered Most Important Ingredient

Agapi in Greek means love. Therefore, food that’s made with love and good energy will provide the body with nourishment and healing. Cooking food means providing love to yourself and the people you love.

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Source: Mediterranean Living Blog


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